It’s that time of the year again for the AGM after this Tuesdays ride from the RISING SUN at MIDDLETON.  Please note that this is different to what is on the rides list.  Chips are available for £1 per person, please let Russ know ASAP if you would like some.

The Agenda for the AGM is:


Club AGM

Tuesday 12th April 2011

At “The Rising Sun”, Middleton, starting 8:30pm


  1. Membership fee £10.00 collection
  2. Treasures Report
  3. Membership Report
  4. Section of Committee members for 2011-12
  • New Chairperson to be selected
  • Treasure & Club Sec – currently Russ Wakefield
  • Membership Sec – currently Martin Howarth
  • Web master – currently Mark Olsen
  • Sunday Ride Cord – Tris Roberts
  • Tuesday Night Ride Cord – volunteer required
  • Club kit Cord – John Billsborrow
  • Social Event Organizer – volunteer required
  1. Current kit order, how’s it going
  2. Should the club pay the VAT on the current kit order
  3. Web site update
  4. AOB