Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!


Costly falls win the trophy

The coveted injury prize for 2010 has been awarded to Mark Tillet ‘Pole’ for his very costly accident this year during a jolly outing at Blackrocks. The shear expense of replacement teeth and the amount of emergency aid that came to his rescue will be something he’ll be telling the lads in the pub for years to come.

Will take some beating next year!

Club Championship events 2011

The new list of club championship events is here! During the AGM we decided we’d go for a 50/50 split of silly and serious events. If your name is next to the event then your the organiser. Still a couple of blanks if you would like to volunteer.

25/01/20111Last Man StandingStanton MoorJohn B
22/02/20112Hill ClimbChatsworthOn the Night
29/03/20113Blind RaceSherwood PinesSteff
26/04/20114Longest SkidThe ChaseOn the Night
24/05/20115Longest JumpRiberSimon
28/06/20116Skinny Comp - Ride the BlankCannock ChaseOn the Night
26/07/20117Handle Bars not Square RaceCoxbenchSteff
23/08/20118Downhill RaceBlackrockJames
20/09/20119Water Carrying on the Head CompAmber ValleyRichard/Donkey
25/10/201110Freewheel CompAmbergate Woods
15/11/201111No Hands RaceCoxbench
06/12/201112Impossible ClimbAmbergate WoodsOn the Night


Its ‘snow’ hard

This weeks Tuesdays ride wasn’t made easy with the snow. We had an ok turn out considering, think we managed about 12 people. Its was extremely hard work because all the snow had frozen up, we had to push down some of the downhills, not because we are crap, just because the snow wouldn’t let you roll. Still was amazing fun as usual. We should also mention Iain’s very Christmas’y looking bike, complete with LED flashing lights just to sidetrack you whilst your finding your way down the trail. I just hope the speakers come out on the next ride playing Christmas music!


Club Championships winner 2010

Even though we didn’t bother with the last club champs event this year, once again Iain has snatched the trophy! Well done Ian for the second year running.


A very wet ride


Photo from weekend

Sleepless in the Saddle Success

The DVATC hit the podium for the first time in this years muddy Sleepless in the Saddle.  Mark, Tony, Chris and Phil finished in second place in the male sport catergory.

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